Conversations with creatives.


JonPaul Douglass is a Los Angeles based commercial photographer and director.
He spoke at Connecting Things, a gathering of creatives, designers, photographers and artists on the topic of your Creative Identity.
As you listen to JonPaul talk, you can really see how his personality comes through in his work and has done a good job himself cultivating his style, leaving his thumbprint the images he makes.
The Balance between work and life is one of the trickiest to manage. Joel Beukelman runs a podcast called The Balance where he talks with creatives about that very subject.
Ryan Muirhead is an incredibly talented photographer and in this interview with him some of the things he's learned about himself as a growing photographer.
We talk about:
- Being present and content with what you're doing
- Why he does what he does as a photographer - and challenges you to think through why you do your art.
- You can't be afraid of failing - you need to act
- Figuring out what you want to be doing vs what you should be doing
Chellise Michael and Michael Busse are a couple based out of Brooklyn doing amazing photography.
Founders of Camp Go Away - a destination workshop for creatives looking to get out of their rut and expand their creative horizons.
They talk about how they work together as a couple, where they find inspiration, talk about music, personal projects and what it takes to be awesome at what you do.
Braedon catches up with Michael Norwood, photographer turned businessman in the streets of the West Village in NYC.

Doug Boutwell is the founder and creator of Totally Rad Actions - a company that creates Photoshop and Lightroom actions to speed up the post production process for photographers.

Brandon and Brian Wright, brothers who are talented photographers, tinkerers and business men. They build their own cameras, and have developed their own film stock, Cine Still Film. In this interview they talk about their start in photography and about their new film.

You can find Cine Still Film Here -

Braedon was out in Vegas for WPPI photo convention and sat down at the Richard Photo Lab booth to get interviewed by Cohen of RPL. Braedon talks about his start in photography, his inspirations, what he's up to and some advice to other photographers with a Q and A at the end of the interview.

Out at WPPI in Vegas, The Artist Report took over a booth at the Richard Photo Lab party one of the nights out there and had some conversations. Braedon had the chance to chat with Lexia Frank, a talented photographer out of the Portland area.
Lexia talks about her other art outside of photography, personal projects and what she's up to right now.

Braedon had the chance to catch up with photographer Eric Kelley on his brief trip to WPPI.

Braedon had the chance to talk with Tim Ryugo from Kodak Alaris about the new direction of the company and what's happening with their film department.

The Artist Report was out at Yeah! Photo Field Trip and Braedon went around asking fellow attendees about their definitions of art. Got some good responses.